Message from Our Minister

After almost 27 and a half years, I will be retiring on June 24. I have so much enjoyed my time as the minister at Skyland Church and hope you will join us in celebrating our time together. I will be preaching my last sermon on June 17.

That service will be followed by a potluck and party for me and our Choir Director, Margretta Dollard, who is also retiring after an even longer tenure of service to Skyland Church.

On June 24, we will have a service that will include communion and words of blessing and releasing. During the interim time, professional protocols require me to not be present at the church or have planned social gatherings with anyone to whom I have been in the role of minister. This allows the members of the church to freely enter into the Interim Period with the Interim Minister. I will always hold you in my prayers.                                                                                

Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank                                                             

Please  go to the Transitions page to learn more about the Interim period.