Children at Skyland

We value the presence of children just as Jesus did.  We enjoy the energy that they bring and the noise they make, we admire their creativity, their determination to be themselves, their willingness to try new things, their innate ability to love with their whole hearts, and we welcome children of all ages to join us in worship and learning and serving our neighbors.

Children on Sunday Morning

Children are welcome in the sanctuary in all of their wiggliness, all the sounds that they make, and especially all their curiosity about God, the church, and life.

When you enter the sanctuary, there are toys, crayons, markers, and coloring pages on the table at the back of the sanctuary.  During the service there is a time especially for children at which they are invited to the front for a message just for them.  After the message they usually return to sit with their family through the service, except:

On the last  Sunday of each month we have a children’s arts, crafts, and music program.  The children go with a young adult artist and an adult volunteer to Whitaker Hall where they learn about a form of art, craft, or music by creating art, a craft, or music.  When the worship service is over, the adults join the children in Whitaker to admire their work.

Older children and youth are invited to become pantry volunteers, working with our team that operate the food pantry with tasks such as sorting food, moving food from the storage shed to the 24/7 accessible cabinets and refrigerators, and giving pantry tours at Skyland events.