Core Beliefs

Our goal is to work with our neighbors to create a new vision of who we are as a community and of our role in it—one that is energizing and compelling for all.


Who We Are

  • We are people who come together to sing and pray, to work side-by-side for the benefit of our community, and to care for each other and our neighbors.
  • Many Skyland members grew up in different faith traditions: Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Judaism, Buddhism, agnostic, atheist.
  • Each of us develops an individual concept of God and spirituality. We do not have beliefs that each member must agree with.
  • We are a green church and strive to protect all living things.
  • We support our local community so that it can thrive.

What We Believe

  • While affirming the liberty of our church and the validity of our ministry, we hold to the unity of all Christians and the United Church of Christ.
  • We believe in the rights of all people and in justice for all.
  • We uphold sacred traditions of baptism, marriage, memorial and burial, communion, and worship.
  • We adhere to a process of consensus as we develop policy and create action plans.

Whom Do We Welcome?

  • ALL are welcome at Skyland Church. In the mid-1990s we chose to be an open-and-affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ.  
  • We welcome persons with a wide range of beliefs who covenant to help carry out our church’s ministries.
  • As such, we value each person’s uniqueness. We welcome all people—regardless of race, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, mental or physical ability, marital or financial status—to join us as we work and play together.
  • We are updating this statement to express even greater inclusivity and to renew our commitment.

How Do Members Interact?

  • We covenant with one another to create a sharing and caring family in which we value each person’s unique expression of the image of God.
  • We walk, learn, and explore together, sharing our individual understandings of God, our creator; Jesus our teacher, preacher, and healer; and the Holy Spirit, our well of inspiration.
  • We treasure one another and the creation of which we are a part; we value each other in our commonalities and in our differences (Church By-laws, section 2).
  • At all meetings, our Behavioral Covenant is read aloud. Members promise to listen attentively, avoid interrupting, speak candidly, and be sensitive to others’ feelings.


Skyland Community Church
25100 Skyland Road
Los Gatos, CA 95033

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Skyland Community Church
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