Easter Season

Easter is not just one day.  It is a season that is 50 days long in which we continue the celebration of resurrection, of new life, of spring bursting into the world, at least in the northern hemisphere.  As the length and brightness of days increases, we once again wonder at new life in nature and at the same time we might take the opportunity to wonder at what new life looks like for us as individual people and as people in community.

We hope you will join us in this season of Easter as we follow in the footsteps of the disciples as they encounter the risen Christ and as they take up the mantle of leadership of Jesus’ followers and learn to be the church. We too will explore what it means to be the church with themes like “Live Like the Disciples,” “Open Our Hearts,” and “Open Our Minds.”

Sunday at 10:30 AM

April 7

Second Sunday in Easter

April 14

Third Sunday in Easter

     April 21

      Fourth  Sunday in Easter

      May 5

     Sixth Sunday in Easter

    May 12

   Seventh  Sunday in Easter

May 19


Spiritual Practices for Easter Season

In this Easter season, we might feel that everything should be celebratory, but no season is all happiness and excitement and sometimes we just need to feel grounded.  You might find meaning in one of these practices:

Practice love of nature: Take a moment to pay attention to the newness that appears in all of creation at this time of year.  Smell a flower, listen to the birds, laugh with children as they play, feel the spring wind on your cheek as you go about your day.  

Practice compassion: Open yourself to the world’s hurt, to people who are hungry, lonely, frightened, angry, and respond with kindness and generosity.

Practice forgiveness: New life arises when we let go of resentments that get heavier and heavier if we try to hold them all.  Take some time to reflect on what hurts you have sustained and see what you can let go of.  It will free your mind and your heart, opening you up to love and be loved.

Practice playfulness: Set aside some time to let go of “adult things” and choose laughter, play a game, take a nap, indulge life’s simpler pleasures.