Ordinary Time

The Season After Pentecost is the longest season of the church year, lasting from the week after Pentecost until the first Sunday in Advent.  This year, this is 27 weeks including all of summer and most of the fall.  This kind of church time that falls between major seasons is often called “Ordinary Time,” but the time may be everything except ordinary.  In this case, “ordinary” simply means “counted” rather than “plain” or maybe “boring.”

And about the first theme of this season: Pilgrimage

 Let’s make this season extraordinary!  We will begin with a theme of “Pilgrimage.”  What does it mean to go on pilgrimage?  It might mean literal travel, but it might also mean a journey of exploration that we take in our hearts.  It might be a solo journey or a group trek.  Let’s find out together what it means to us.

Sunday at 10:30 AM

June 2

Pilgrimage: Sent Forth

     June 9


    Pilgrimage: Growing

June 16

Pilgrimage: Courage

      June 23

                                                                                              Pilgrimage: Stretching

    June 30

Children’s Art and Music Program  &  July 4 Picnic 

Pilgrimage: Believing  

July 7


                                                                                Pilgrimage: Coming Home Again

Spiritual Practices for Ordinary Time

Practice love of nature: Take a moment to pay attention to the newness that appears in all of creation at this time of year.  Smell a flower, listen to the birds, laugh with children as they play, feel the spring wind on your cheek as you go about your day.

Practice compassion: Open yourself to the world’s hurt, to people who are hungry, lonely, frightened, angry, and respond with kindness and generosity.

Practice forgiveness: New life arises when we let go of resentments that get heavier and heavier if we try to hold them all.  Take some time to reflect on what hurts you have sustained and see what you can let go of.  It will free your mind and your heart, opening you up to love and be loved.

Practice playfulness: Set aside some time to let go of “adult things” and choose laughter, play a game, take a nap, indulge life’s simpler pleasures.