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Summit Road-Highland Way Corridor Project

The Fire Safe County Roads (FSCR) project involves 137 property owners whose parcels have frontage on Summit Road & Highland Way, from Highway 17 to the Mt. Bache junction (as shown on the map above). The goal of the program is to create a shaded fuel break along this corridor to provide escape routes in case of a fire or other natural disaster, as well as providing access for emergency vehicles.  Grants are available to cover the cost of this work, providing a high percentage of property owners agree to work with CAL FIRE and other agencies to reduce the fuel load adjacent to the road. The Santa Cruz Mountain Alliance and other volunteers are working with the 137 property owners to gather support for this critical program. Details of the FSCR project can be found in the Progress Reports.

Project Timeline

Current conditions including the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Wildfire Season, make for changes in the Grant application deadline and approval process. The Fire Safe County Roads Team is hopeful that this timeline will hold and we will update this graph as more information becomes available.

Links to information on Home Hardening, on Defensible Space and Organizing your Neighborhood into a FireWise Council

Fire Safe Santa Cruz County

Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council

FireWise USA

The County Road Resource was developed in 2017 to answer the question presented to our community,  How do we prioritize the repair of our county roads? It shows the number of households and their locations on all of the county roads in the First district of Santa Cruz County. All traffic flows are to Summit Road or to San Jose- Soquel Road where the repairs are funded by a different process.

Click here to read the Summit Ridge Community Roads

The Soquel Demonstration State Forest Resource is an exploration of a special forest  in our community. The report explores critical aspects of forest management as well as the ongoing work taking place.

Click here to read the Soquel Demonstration State Forest Report