“What you seek is seeking you.” –Rumi

At Skyland Church we are seekers.  We are finding our way along a spiritual path to greater connection with God, with one another, with the natural world.  We do this both separately and together, and when we gather we enjoy hearing about each other’s path.  We would love to hear about your path.

Advent can be filled with worry about finding the perfect Christmas gifts. Deep down we want people in our lives to know they are special and that we love them. But sometimes we overlook the greatest gift of all… our very presence. Our spiritual ancestors were also worried — often about survival in the midst of political occupation. And the response of the scriptures is “the Holy Living One is with you.” Like a shepherd who never leaves the flock, we are held close. This season, we are invited to be the gift of presence for our loved ones, for our communities, for those who need it most.

We will explore the theme “The Gift of Being Present” through the traditional themes of Advent, hope, peace, joy, and love, each Sunday morning at 10:30 and arrive at Christmas Eve for a candlelight service at 4:00 PM.